Marc Ryan

Tue, Oct 3, 2023
Wed, Oct 4, 2023
Thu, Oct 5, 2023
Fri, Oct 6, 2023
Sat, Oct 7, 2023

Marc Ryan

with Dougie Almeida

Comedian Marc Ryan has been making them laugh for over 30 years now! You can hear any of Marc’s 5 LIVE Stand Up Comedy albums regularly on SiriusXM’s comedy channels. Marc’s been seen in comedy specials on TBS, NBC, Comedy Central and More. His comedy has garnered 100’s of millions of views on the internet. Marc’s Texas/Louisiana upbringing flavors his take on the world. Marc's show is a fun high energy good time.

Dougie Almeida

Hailing from Queens, New York, Dougie Almeida spent most of his adult life as a corporate presenter for one of the largest financial planning firms in the country.His specialty was taking lifeless insurance presentations and transforming them into works of comic art.In his spare time, he fought as an ISKA Heavyweight Muay Thai Kick boxer, retiring at 10-0 and earning the title “Always Dangerous”.So, what do you get when you cross an inventive corporate executive with a retired kick boxer?A stand-up comedian, of course!

Winner of Improv’s New Faces of Comedy & participant in various comedy festivals, like; Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, Gilda’s Laugh Fest, SLO Comedy Festival, Laugh Your Asheville Comedy Fest. NOHO Comedy Fest. & Boston Comedy Festival.Semi Finalist in Cleveland Comedy Festival 2013, Laughlin Laughfest 2014 & Finalist in World Series of Comedy Main Event 2015. Recently, Dougie appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on the segment, “Wall of America”.Prior to taking the stage, Dougie gauges his audience, reaches into his vault and prepares his onslaught of humor.Once on stage, he delivers blow after blow of hilarity, hitting the audience with punch line after punch line.His wit and stage presence is second to none. One thing is always certain – Dougie Almeida will KNOCK YOU OUT!