Derrick Tennant

Fri, Feb 23, 2024
Sat, Feb 24, 2024

Derrick Tennant

with JD Colwell

Derrick Tennant made the most of a tragedy in his life by creating an opportunity for a career. As a promising athlete Derrick suffered an injury that left him in a coma. After brain surgery, years of rehab and life in a wheelchair; he ultimately got on his feet again. Despite the very limited use of his left side, Derrick loves life and "looks on the RIGHT side" of things. He communicates the importance of shifting obstacles in life, work or business into opportunities. He worked hard to overcome physical challenges and now works just as hard to help others overcome trials through his comedy and inspirational speaking.

Derrick formed BLEEPFREE Comedy where you can catch respectably clean shows in clubs across the country. He also landed a role in the Jeff Foxworthy movie "Crackerjack". He plays a one armed softball player named Lefty. "Don't get excited", Derrick says. "I'm just a featured extra. I think that's like getting an F+".

JD Colwell

JD Colwell is the wiz of cheesy-wit and one of the most compelling comedians to hold the microphone. Hailing from the CLT he is a master of clean and dirty comedy. His stepdad sense of humor is one for the whole family. No generation is safe from ridicule while he roasts the social issues of the past, present, and future. Colwell comes standard with silky smooth crowd skills that he had sharpened while being the resident emcee of Charlotte's Comedy Zone in 2017. Along the line JD has opened for (and befriended) many many comedians during his southern charmed comedy career including Dave Attell, Rachel Feinstein, Chad Daniels, Aries Spears, Chris Redd, Dominique, Andrew Schulz and then one time he was even fired by Bob Saget R.I.P.